Gear Room

If you have ever really gotten into something, then I don’t need to explain why there are 9 bicycles in my garage. For those that haven’t, it is important to know that when someone asks how many bikes does a person need, the mathematically correct answer is n+1, where n=the number of bicycles currently in possession. The following is a photo essay of mine and Mrs. Keepitride’s cycling hobby.

1986 Appel with circa 2001 Shimano Ultegra - As close to butter as you can ride

1984ish Trek 400something - Indestructable commuting machine

2009 Niner S.I.R. 9 - Thread through a needle

2004 Bianchi Grizzly - Old School scandium and carbon lightness

Late 70's early 80's Raleigh Record Ace - NOS 10speed cruiser

2008 Ellsworth Truth - Impeccably tuned, all day ride

200? Titus 26er - Almost too nice, keeping it forever

2003ish Bianchi Veloce - Reynolds 631/Campagnolo in pink and celeste

Mid 90's Univega Rover 306 - The sound of commuting in silence


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