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Going Pro

I have been a cyclist for nearly two decades of my life. Not until I moved to Colorado did I begin to have real ambitions (delusions?) regarding my life’s work (career?) in this world. I suppose as we age many … Continue reading

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Business Casual and Mountain Biking

I am not the most stylish person in the world, I admit. I like to think this is because being stylish inherently means that one is materialistic and spends money on clothing and accessories to look cool, while I, on … Continue reading

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The Local Shop

I was working on the Grizzly the other night in anticipation of the snow melting here in the front range when I inadvertently broke something. I must have done too many pull-ups this winter because as I was tightening the seatpost … Continue reading

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Milan-San Remo Road Cycling Race

The Milan to San Remo Road Cycling Race takes place tomorrow March 19 in Italy. I have been reading about different editions of the race today at This thing is a monster of a race as it is the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Cycling in the Balance

So the other day I am thinking “Hey, the weather is getting nicer and I can’t wait to start riding more.” I start to think of all the different rides that I will be doing to help cure my Vitamin D deficiency … Continue reading

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If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island, and You Could Only Have One Gear…

Which one would you take? This is an intrinsically difficult question to answer as the answer in this case (eternity, or until you die) will continously change depending on any given set of parameters. I have found that it is much … Continue reading

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The Lube Job

I went on a great, very early, spring ride yesterday that had my heart singing of the rides the new season will bring. More about that ride later. I will say that I ended up on dirt roads for a … Continue reading

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