SSUSA 2011 Follow Up

Singlespeed USA 2011 has come and gone, and I am sad to see it go. I had a beer-drinkin’ good time starting Friday night all the way through to Saturday evening. Jake, Kramer and Sarai as well as all the other helpers that I don’t know did an absolutely amazing job enabling the riders to have the most fun possible. Muchos, muchos gracias to them. There has already been some coverage of the event laid down here and here (and video here)so I thought I would recap a couple of the highlights of my experience. I told myself as we rolled out on the cruiser ride Friday evening that I would say yes to whatever I was asked to do (unless it was really stupid, I have some boundaries), but thank the singlespeed gods I was not one of the peoples that was asked to get in an innertube and float down some of Boulder Creek. It looked painfully cold for the suckers, but from where I was sitting it mostly just looked hilarious. After race registration at the bar, we mosied back to Karlorado’s pad to continue the festivities in a much cheaper and quieter venue. (I know, I’m old, but yelling conversations with my friends gets lame pretty quick.) To make sure I was in top form for the race, we managed to stay up until 2am, drink a few more beers, and eat a couple pizzas at 1:30 in the morning. Big thanks to my director sportif and soigneur for really pushing me in this aspect of my training as I couldn’t have done it without them. Getting up at six the next morning was an anti-joyous occasion, but my heart was fluttering with excitement. So was my digestive tract. My head was just fluttering. My co-racer, Kool Keith, and I eagerly headed out to start the morning Tour de Grocery Store Bathrooms. This was a great build-up race to test my form. Just a reminder to all the hungover mountain bikers out there, you always want to double check the level of toilet paper supplies in the restroom BEFORE you start going, otherwise it’s the sink bidet for you. And me.  

Frustration. Desperation. Freedom?

These types of race day rituals are really what make the experience so great. Sure, I had a great time out in the woods riding my bike with the other one gear enthusiasts, but middle of the pack race finishes are nothing compared to the excitement of getting to use a bidet.


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