Ride from Town II

For the second installment of Ride From Town, I will blab about a nice long loop out of Boulder that I did recently and found to be pretty fun. The goal of this ride was to mountain bike the Reynolds Ranch Boy Scout trails east of Nederland then ride over to the loop at Walker Ranch off of Flagstaff and rock that on the way back down to town. I spent about 5.5hrs out there, and I didn’t end up riding Walker Ranch this time around, but next time….. I know this could be a shorter ride time-wise, but the day I rode it I was doing a little bit of exploring here and there which added time.

Boy Scout Trails to Walker Ranch (31+ miles road, 13ish miles trail)

1. Leave Boulder going west on Canyon Blvd which is Hwy 119 (This turns into Boulder Canyon Dr. as you leave downtown Boulder). You can take the bike path along Boulder Creek until it ends.

2. When the bike path ends continue west up Boulder Canyon on the road. After a few miles take a left on Magnolia Rd (Co Rd 132). (This is a pretty challenging paved road climb.)

3. Go west 8.3 miles on Magnolia Rd. The turn-off to the east trailhead for the Reynolds Ranch Boy Scout trails appears on the right side of the road.  The turn-off is not well marked. (These trails are a total maze, but you can link up to the Blue/Red Dot trails above Barker Reservoir for a total of around 6 miles of really nice single track. I would consider these trails to be somewhat technically challenging, but rideable with only 2-4 hike-a-bike sections. For a beginner, I can see most of the trails being pretty tricky due to the rockiness of the trails.)

4. Once done riding the trails, head back out to Magnolia Rd and go east to Pine Glade Rd.

5. Take a right on Pine Glade to Co Rd 68.

6. Take a right on Co Rd 68. This road eventually turns into a 4×4 road that crosses a section of private property. There is a sign where the road turns rough saying that only licensed vehicles of a certain type were allowed to continue, but there weren’t any No Trespassing signs or closed gates directly barring travel so I continued on. I passed another mountain biker and motor cycle going the opposite direction while on this section. A mile or two further I came into an area with more houses and a sign denoting that the road was private in the direction I had come from, but still no closed gates or No Trespassing signs.

7. Co Rd 68 turns into Lakeshore Dr (and from dirt to paved) which eventually forks into Flagstaff Rd (left/straight) and Gross Dam Rd (right).

8. Take Flagstaff Rd until the Walker Ranch Open Space entrance on the right. Ride the loop (7.8 miles) at Walker Ranch and head back Flagstaff Rd.

9. Take Flagstaff Rd east to Boulder. Flagstaff Rd turns into Baseline Rd at the bottom and you are back in town.

Sure felt longer than it looks.



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2 Responses to Ride from Town II

  1. youyouandme says:

    Thanks for sharing your route. I’m excited to try it out tomorrow morning– I’m sure it’ll make for a great experience

  2. youyouandme says:

    thanks for sharing your route. im excited to try it out

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