SSUSA 2011

After much anticipation, I got word that I am officially registered for SSUSA 2011! I now have a chance at becoming the SingleSpeed National Champion of the United States of America! Luckily, I had a feeling that I would get in so I have been training religiously starting a couple months ago. Obviously, I have been out riding my bike, both on the trail and on the road, so that aspect is taken care of. What I have really been focusing on, though, are super secret training sessions that are mainly comprised of hanging out in the garage mentally preparing (staring blankly at bikes), drinking beer (carb loading) and doing pull-ups (self-esteem building). Although I don’t actually know any of the details about the race, I can only assume that these training sessions are completely adequate for what I might encounter. Just to give an idea of where I am at already, here is a picture:

I think I'm probably not so pale though.

 The race isn’t until June 4th so I still have plenty of time to get more tan.


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2 Responses to SSUSA 2011

  1. Philicious says:

    Funny I was staring blankly at a bike in my stand last night. When I realized what I was doing it felt like I had snapped out of a trance…

  2. keepitride says:

    The bike was hypnotizing you. “When I snap my brake levers, Philicious, you will wake up and have an insatiable urge to take me to the singletrack, and there we will frolick. 1..2..3..” I’m pretty sure this has happened to me before.

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