The Local Shop

I was working on the Grizzly the other night in anticipation of the snow melting here in the front range when I inadvertently broke something. I must have done too many pull-ups this winter because as I was tightening the seatpost clamp it snapped. I was surprised to see how thin this part was, then I was surprised at how long it has lasted considering the immense amount of pressure it takes from the leverage of a very extended seatpost. Regardless, if I wanted to be ready to dominate the other crappy mountain bikers this spring, I would need to replace it. The choices are endless. Order online? Go to whatever bicycle shop is open? Go to Ace for a pipe clamp? Fortunately, many of these choices are automatically cancelled out as I am cheap in the guise of resourceful. I realized I had another bicycle that used the same size seatpost, and although it is a road bicycle, why could I not use the seatpost clamp from that? What I found out was that the outer diameter of the two bicycles seat tubes were of different measurements, and since the seatpost clamp goes on the outside of the seat tube, my first brilliant idea would not work. However, from this folly, I realized that I would need to make sure that the new seatpost clamp had the correct diameter for the outside of the seat tube, and the best way to do that would be to go to the bicycle shop and try some on. I could try to measure it myself then order it online, but that can end up with me waiting for a few days, somehow getting the measurement wrong, and then having a seatpost clamp I can’t use and am too lazy to send back. Bah. Plus, it is more fun to go to the bicycle shop and annoy those guys, and they really play up the smugly annoyed bit which I egg on by asking ridiculous questions like “I’ll probably just use a rubber mallet, a chisel, and some matches to get that back on, that’s okay right?” or “What do you mean those come in different sizes?”. We are all entertained and happy when I leave. They almost always have the used, nice-but-not-too-nice, silver, 26.0mm, $20ish part that I need. In the case of the seatpost clamp, I get a black, 30.6mm inside diameter, beefy-but-nice, Salsa version for $20. Perfecto! Could I have found it cheaper or in different colors or titaniumer online? Probably, but I definitely wouldn’t have had more fun buying it online, and that’s what’s really important here, me having fun. I suppose it helps support the local bicycle shop, too, but we all know what they really want is beer and for you to leave them alone so I occasionally drop off a sixer to help pay for the fun I have when I’m there. All joking aside, these guys are great so check them out if you get a chance. And remember that if none of the employees are slightly annoyed with you, then you are doing something wrong or they are new, so give it time and ask more ridiculous questions.


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3 Responses to The Local Shop

  1. The Wildenbeast says:

    “I must have done too many pull-ups this winter because as I was tightening the seatpost clamp it snapped. I was surprised to see how thin this part was…”

    This is like saying, I must have ridden a lot this year as I dropped Karl very easily. Although I was surprised to see how easy Bill dropped me…

  2. keepitride says:

    I don’t know any Bills that would be able to drop me, but I agree with you, The Wildenbeast, that being able to drop Karl Von Sissy is a pretty low bar for judging one’s strength. What I forgot to mention is that I was tightening said seatpost clamp with my eyelashes when it broke. Silly me, I should have just used an intimidating stare like I usually do.

    • The Wildenbeast says:

      Why not just use a nose hair or rectal hair. No sense in wasting an eyelash for such a trivial endeavor…

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