Ride From Town

This is one of the loops that I want to do this summer on the mountain bike. Being able to do a ride from town is always better than driving to the trailhead in my opinion, and it can make for a great, all day adventure.

Continental Divide Trail from town

Ride from Satchel’s house down the bike path to the east side of town until you hit Hwy 40.

Take Hwy 40 to County Road 199 (Up the west side of Rabbit Ears Pass)

Take a left onto Co Rd 199 to Dumont Lake, ride past the lake/campground to the singletrack

Follow the singletrack for hours until you get to Buffalo Pass Rd

Ride down Buffalo Pass Rd towards Steamboat until you hit the Grouse Ridge trailhead

Ride down Grouse Ridge to Dry Lake Campground then cross the road to Spring Creek trailhead

Ride down Spring Creek back in to town and eat at the Double Z

Or something like that

That would be awesome.


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One Response to Ride From Town

  1. jeb says:

    Let’s do it.

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