Keeping the Cycling in the Balance

So the other day I am thinking “Hey, the weather is getting nicer and I can’t wait to start riding more.” I start to think of all the different rides that I will be doing to help cure my Vitamin D deficiency and once again unite myself with the flow of the Universe. I love the after work rides along the bike path for their routine and solitude; I love the weekend road bike excursions out of Boulder into the mountains for their beauty, difficulty and solitude; and I really love the long, weekend trail rides for their twisting singletrack, adventure and solitude.


As I think about these rides I begin to notice a theme. Solitude is great and I am good at entertaining myself, but as a member of the human species I am a social creature, and this is really evident when I have done too many rides by myself. I do get in some great rides with my friends and my wife that are the highlight of all my cycling experiences. What I find myself searching for are rides that balance my desire to get exercise-pushing hard enough to clear thoughts out of my brain and find the quiet place-and the need to share that experience with someone else, even a complete stranger. No need for deep conversation to share the fact that I am totally whooped because it is pretty obvious that I am not in the group anymore, and nothing totally whoops me like trying to keep up with someone who is faster than me. In the search for this balance, I came across the RMCC website, and my friend PriMo was kind enough to hold my hand on my first group ride in 12 years. Thanks, PriMo! For the time being these group rides may have ended my search for the elusive exercise/social balance, but I’ve only been on two rides. I am excited to get more rides in with this group and see if I can ride a lot without getting burned out. Maybe I will even get better and faster than the Wildenbeast!


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2 Responses to Keeping the Cycling in the Balance

  1. Wildenbeast says:

    faster than the Wildenbeast? I thought that’s why motors were invented…

  2. keepitride says:

    Yes, Wildenbeast, you will probably need a motor to keep up with me the next time we ride since I have been training like der Jan.

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