Jumping The Gun…Again

We have had some fairly warm weather this past week here in Denver and as usual I am getting overexcited about riding my mountain bike. I am so excited about riding my mountain bike that I have resorted to riding my road bike. I spent the week dreaming about trails without snow so I could shred tread on Saturday. Specifically, I wanted to ride Buffalo Creek. Buffalo Creek is fairly high up in the Pike National Forest and obviously does not have the same weather as Denver, but in my experience it usually stays pretty ridable all year. I went up there a couple months ago in January, and I was able to ride most of the Buck Gulch Trail, but at the top the snowy sections were too deep and long making riding difficult to impossible. Yesterday, I tried to get ahold of someone at Pine Valley Ranch Open Space and ended up talking to Carolyn (sp?) at the main Jeffco Open Space office. She broke the terrible news to me that most of the open space parks at higher elevations were still pretty snowbound. Normally, I would have to go and check this for myself, but I resolved to wait it out just a little while longer so that the first ride out there would actually be more of a ride and less of a walk. I will keep checking in, but for now I will have to stick to the roads. What a life.


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