Super Gold Hill Ride

Wooohoooo! What an awesome ride to begin washing away my winter blues. My attitude during the winter is like my attitude during a backpacking trip. You feel gross, but you’re having a good time doing this and that in the great outdoors, you know you’ll have a sweet, sweet shower when you get home, and so you deal with being smelly and disgusting and ready to be done with it. I also make believe that I am an indigenous Siberian which means that I have evolved the ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol during the winter to survive the brutality of it. Back to the ride I did yesterday, I call it Super as a joke, because I rode out of Boulder, but I started by riding downtown to the bus in Denver. It feels really nice leaving my house in Denver knowing I will have a long day in the saddle in another town, and all I have is what I can carry in my jersey pockets. No one on the bus has any idea or would consider that I will be riding my bike up into the mountains for 4 hours. I don’t take that for granted either, what a blessing. I haven’t been riding much so I took it slow, stopping when I felt like I needed to eat and drink. I highly recommend stopping at the The General Store and Cafe in Gold Hill for some super delicious home-baked goodies and a shot of finger and toe warming espresso. It’ll make you feel all euro like Fausto. They take credit cards with a $5 limit. On this particular ride, I grabbed a baby head-sized blueberry muffin and a choco-chip oatmeal cookie as big as my face. It took me 6.5 hours door to door, and I wasn’t completely trashed.

43 miles total, 12 or so miles of dirt

 The route I took was this: Sunshine Canyon Dr to Poorman; Poorman to Fourmile Canyon(dirt); Fourmile Canyon to Gold Run; Gold Run to Gold Hill (dirt); Gold Hill to the Peak to Peak Hwy(dirt); the Peak to Peak Hwy to Utica St/Lefthand Canyon (Ward); Lefthand Canyon to Lee Hill; Lee Hill to Broadway; Broadway to downtown Boulder.


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